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Centralized purchasing cycle

Buyers and suppliers of newsprint use much of the same information - contracts, orders, deliveries, paper performance, payments – for decisions and daily transactions. PAPEX Shared Application Services (P-SAS) was designed specifically to support the newsprint purchasing process by allowing buyers and suppliers to access the same information in one central location and reduce duplicate processing -

  • Suppliers see orders as soon as their customers issue them.
  • Buyers know immediately when their orders have been confirmed and shipped.
  • Print facilities receive electronic purchase orders and delivery notices for their inventory systems.
  • Paper performance issues can be identified and addressed immediately.
  • Flexible pricing options, adjustments and exceptions support multiple payment and billing terms.
  • Invoice reconciliation issues are resolved quickly and efficiently with both parties looking at the same information together.


Powerful reporting in seconds

Buying groups can efficiently manage the newsprint purchases for one, fifty, a hundred or more print facilities against many supplier contracts using P-SAS. Immediate consolidated reporting provides effective analysis of delivery status, inventory levels and paper performance as well as valuable billing and payment information.

Order confirmation and fulfillment status for multiple buyers with many print facilities are at a supplier’s fingertips. Sales and paper performance data is accessible by mills and sales representatives in any location.

Sharing ideas

We believe that P-SAS is your application and should support the processes that are part of your business. Would something work better for you if it was displayed a little differently? How about a report that presents results in a different format? We are always ready to hear new ideas from our client partners and discuss how they might fit into our shared services. Enhancements are available to all of our users so everyone receives the benefit immediately.

Speaking the same language

When partners agree on a standard way of exchanging business data, errors are reduced and new opportunities for more efficient integration become available. PAPEX has adopted the papiNet electronic document standard based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) as our core format; however we understand that the standard is not yet widely implemented and P-SAS also supports the commonly used ANSI X12 EDI.

We are protecting you

PAPEX is vigilant about protecting your data from unauthorized access. Each P-SAS member group has access to their account alone – buyers are linked only to their own suppliers and suppliers see only their own orders, deliveries and payments. You create and monitor user accounts for your group, giving you full control over who is logging into your data and what they can see and do once they are there. Your data is confidential and stays that way – safe, secure and protected by a company with operational integrity at its core.

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