Corporate Profile

PAPEX Inc. specializes in developing, maintaining and supporting on-line procurement and inventory management applications for the newsprint industry. Our products are a dynamic solution to the challenge of coordinating order, delivery and payment transactions between corporate teams, print facilities, suppliers and warehouses.

Expand Your Team

Our customers view us as part of their team and look to PAPEX for guidance on a variety of initiatives; whether changes are happening at the corporate procurement level or a pressroom is implementing new ways of collecting waste information. Our core strengths include listening, interpreting your needs and offering solutions and recommendations to help you meet your goals.

PAPEX’s relationships with both large and small printing sites provide us with a wide range of real experiences that we can share with you. Our clients welcome inquiries from fellow sites and we can make the introductions to open discussions about shared challenges.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

We know that it is important for print sites to track the movement of paper inventory within their facilities using a variety of barcode scanners ranging from lightweight corded models to wireless mobile computers. PAPEX has enhanced the power of the mobile computer by creating a scanner application that integrates with our inventory management software for receipts and relocation so you can know, in seconds, where every roll of your inventory is located. Contact us for information about using barcode scanners with XTrack.

Innovation. Trust. Service.

Long-term partnerships have been built on customer trust in the integrity of our operations and data protection. PAPEX is committed to offering innovative and reliable applications backed by quality training and support. An open, active dialogue with our customers ensures that our software and services provide the tools needed to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.