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XTrack Makes Inventory Management Easy

XTrack is the easy and affordable way for your company to manage newsprint inventory. It is a robust, easy-to-use Windows application that uses the power of SQL Server to protect and deliver data to your fingertips. It minimizes data entry by leveraging electronic documents and handheld barcode scanners.

XTrack is different from other inventory management applications. Others may allow you to bypass important validation that compromises the integrity of your database. XTrack strikes a balance between usability and constraints so you can trust your data.

Dual Personalities

XTrack’s design goals were enterprise capability and ease of management. It had to support implementation in a highly managed environment, potentially on clustered servers, running along side HR or financial systems with multiple processors and hundreds of concurrent users logging in from across the country or around the world. Alternatively, XTrack also had to support installation on a single computer barely meeting minimum Windows requirements that may not even be connected to a network. These competing goals were accomplished by dividing the application into different layers or tiers with each functioning independently. For example, the application services tier works with our supplied version of SQL Server or can be easily configured to work with an existing SQL Server.

Excuse me... Do you speak papiNet?

XTrack does... papiNet is an electronic document standard based on Extensible Markup Language (XML). Why is this important? When customers speak the same language, errors are reduced and new opportunities for tighter, more efficient integration become available. XTrack uses papiNet as its core document format; however we understand that the standard is not yet widely implemented. That’s why XTrack also supports ANSI X12 EDI and XTrack translates EDI documents into papiNet format behind the scenes.

Where’s my data?

XTrack stores your data within your company - that’s where it is most valuable and protected from unauthorized use - and data on your network can be shared between applications. Retrieve pressman performance data from XTrack for your payroll system to calculate pay bonuses, for example. Or link XTrack’s product pricing to your accounting software to valuate your inventory. You can retrieve any data from XTrack for any reason, including reports that may be unique to your company. And integration with XTrack is not a one way street - using the application services tier, you can bring pressroom data into XTrack confidently knowing that it will be validated with the same care as if it were scanned by a user.

Control Your Expanding Waste

Tracking waste has never been more important. With rising paper prices and increasing environmental awareness, waste management is no longer optional. XTrack automatically calculates waste on every press run without any additional data entry required. XTrack then goes one step further and allows waste to be categorized using the NAA waste categories as defined in the Newsprint Waste Management System. This industry standard not only allows your company to measure waste variations internally, but also offers a means for accurate comparison among other printing facilities.

What is P-SAS?

P-SAS is an acronym for PAPEX Shared Application Services, a service that allows a company with multiple printing facilities to summarize data from all of their locations for analysis and reporting. It provides a top-down view of printing operations, helps find inefficiencies and facilitates the implementation of new company wide initiatives. This is particularly important for companies who negotiate prices and manage contracts on behalf of their printing facilities. It also allows companies to place and submit orders electronically to their suppliers, receive and forward electronic delivery documents, invoice their printing facilities and submit electronic payments to their suppliers. XTrack and P-SAS work together to complete the procurement, management and payment/billing cycle with minimal resources. A company could easily manage the newsprint purchases for well over a hundred printing facilities with only one or two people.

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