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MAX is designed to assist in the merchandising process by supporting product catalogue management, quote transactions, purchase order and requisition management, and billing and payment functions. An innovative and cost-effective application, MAX simplifies and automates the purchasing process by allowing buyers and resellers access to the same information in one location.

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Consolidated Purchasing

Use MAX to centralize purchasing across all your departments or to buy and resell merchandise. MAX will help you save money by controlling off-contract spending, requesting quotes from multiple suppliers to find the best price, and leveraging volume purchases to obtain preferred supplier pricing.

Product Catalogue

Current pricing and part numbers for commonly ordered items are easily maintained in the product catalogue. This valuable tool accelerates response times to buyers by eliminating the need to issue RFQs to multiple suppliers.

Request for Quotation

MAX facilitates the creation and submission of your RFQ documents, management of supplier quotations and the automatic generation of purchase orders or requisitions from selected quotes. Prior RFQs can be copied to eliminate duplicate data entry and the current status of any RFQ is instantly available along with complete RFQ and quote history. Each RFQ is flexible enough to handle an unlimited number of items and an RFQ may be awarded to one or many suppliers - simply print, fax or email RFQ documents to suppliers.


MAX provides a "self-service" environment for creating requisitions that allows buyers to order the products they need while you maintain the controls of a centralized purchasing department. By replacing a cumbersome, paper-based requisitioning process with an efficient, online system, you will accelerate requisitioning and gain visibility into your spending much earlier in the procurement process.

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Purchasing and Invoicing

MAX will help you save time and eliminate paperwork by allowing you to auto-build purchase orders from requisitions, copy existing purchase orders to generate new ones or create purchase orders from scratch. When items are chosen from the product catalogue, the supplier’s current price is automatically entered and can be updated on the spot if needed. Supplier invoices can be entered quickly and freight and taxes can be added to the invoice without having to modify the purchase order. When you have finished the supplier invoice, use it to easily generate a buyer invoice.

Shared Application

As a shared application, MAX is hosted entirely by PAPEX and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with no software to install. We believe that MAX is your application and should support the processes that are part of your business. Would something work better for you if it was displayed a little differently? PAPEX is ready to hear new ideas from our client partners and discuss how they might fit into our shared application. Enhancements are available to all of our users so everyone receives the benefit immediately.

We are protecting you

PAPEX is vigilant about protecting your data from unauthorized access. Each MAX reseller group has access only to their own purchasing data. You create and monitor user accounts for your group and your buyers, giving you full control over who is logging into your data and what they can see and do once they are there. Your data is confidential and stays that way – safe, secure and protected by a company with operational integrity at its core.

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